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CHC Primary Care Providers’ Perceptions, Practices, and Training Needs in relation to Substance Use Disorders and Medication Assisted Treatment


In an effort to better understand the needs of primary care providers (PCPs) located in the Mountain Plains ATTC region, a survey was conducted with primary care providers working in Community Health Centers (CHCs) located in HHS Region 8 to determine their perceptions, practices, and training/technical assistance needs in relation to substance use disorders (SUDs) and medication assisted treatment (MAT). The survey was distributed to primary care providers in CHCs with the collaboration and assistance of the Community Health Association of Mountain/Plains States (CHAMPS). The survey was completed by PCPs in the months of March, April, and May of 2019.

This report provides findings from the entirety of PCPs in Region 8, who responded to the survey. Individual state information is also included for many items.


July 26, 2019
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