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Harm Reduction Perceptions, Practices, and Training/Technical Assistance Needs Among Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Service Providers in HHA Region 8

In spring of 2023, Mountain Plains ATTC conducted a survey in an effort to better understand the training and technical assistance needs of individuals providing SUD treatment and recovery services in Region 8. The purpose of the survey was to determine providersā€™ perceptions, practices, and training/technical assistance needs, specifically in relation to harm reduction (HR) services/activities for SUDs. An invitation to participate in the survey was emailed posted on the Mountain Plains ATTC website and was sent to all constituents within Region 8 for which the Mountain Plains ATTC had email addresses. In addition, participants were asked to invite others within their agencies and networks to participate. The survey was completed between March 9 to April 12, 2023. Approval to conduct the survey was obtained from the University of North Dakota Institutional Review Board.

Results from this survey will help Mountain Plains ATTC better collaborate with providers and stakeholders throughout the region in the development of new products, training materials, and technical assistance. It is also hoped that this report will provide readers with a snapshot of the perceptions, practices, and technical assistance/training needs of the SUD provider services workforce in Region 8.

October 13, 2023
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