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Lecture on Motivational Interviewing by Stephen Rollnick

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This training is led by the co-founder of Motivational Interviewing (MI), Professor Stephen Rollnick. This video will allow viewers to gain insight into MI as an approach to promote behavior change. MI can be applied to encourage behavior change in the context of harmful substance use, HIV initiating and adherence, mental health management, and more. Applying MI skills in the health care setting is expected to improve HIV treatment outcomes through improved identification and treatment of co-occurring alcohol or drug use disorders and improved antiretroviral adherence.

**The content of this video represents the work of the South Africa HIV ATTC and does not necessarily represent the official views of PEPFAR or SAMHSA.


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Professor Rollnick also led a small group section for South Africa HIV ATTC staff and additional providers routinely contracted by the ATTC in MI techniques and training models in order to promote behavior change related to substance use disorders, HIV and mental health. This small group section was designed as technical assistance to enhance the high-quality training offered by the ATTC staff.



May 1, 2019
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