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Stimulant Use Disorder Webinar Series Part 1: Strategies to Address Methamphetamine and Cocaine

Three-part webinar series offered by the Great Lakes ATTC and the Northwest ATTC.

Part 1 of the series provides an overview of stimulant (cocaine and methamphetamine) use in the U.S. Presenter Rick Rawson, PhD will discuss:

  • The extent and geography of stimulant use
  • Clinical syndromes produced by acute and chronic stimulant use
  • Strategies for addressing acute intoxication, withdrawal, and stimulant-induced psychosis
  • Effective behavioral treatments for stimulant use disorders
  • The status of pharmacotherapy research on treatments for stimulant use disorders
  • A discussion of vulnerable populations, including the problem of stimulant use by individuals in medication treatment for opioid use disorder


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