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slideDecks4U: Alcohol Use in the US: Alcohol Facts & Statistics (April 2021)
Collaborating TTC: Mountain Plains ATTC
April 22, 2021

This slide deck is part of the Slidedecks4U products created by the Mountain Plains Addiction Technology Transfer Center (MPATTC) that serves Region 8 (Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming).

The slide deck is designed to be used by behavioral health academic faculty, trainers, and state agency staff members for a variety of audiences. Each slide has notes for the presenter to provide guidance if necessary. References are included on the slides and in the notes. If you require further information on this topic, please contact the Mountain Plains Addiction Technology Transfer Center (MPATTC). You are free to use these slides and pictures but please give credit to the MPATTC when using them by keeping the branding and referencing the ATTC at the beginning of your presentation.