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Clinical Supervision Skills Video Demonstrations: Part 2

Part 2: Professional Development Plans in Clinical Supervision

The Professional Development Plan demonstration video provides an example of a clinical supervisor working with a supervisee to build skills in facilitating therapeutic groups, as well as increasing cultural awareness. The Professional Development Plan example you will see utilizes the Technical Assistance Publication 21 as well as the Addiction Technology Transfer Center Performance Assessment Rubrics to help the supervisee better understand the feedback and what is being requested of them.

This video includes a clinical supervisor Lynsey and her supervisee Mary discussing a Professional Development Plan following Lynsey observing one of Mary's groups. Lynsey will rely on the SAMHSA TAP 21 manual of addictions counselor competencies to help Mary identify areas of growth. Lynsey will also use the Addiction Technology Transfer Center performance assessment rubrics to help Mary identify what she is trying to learn. The video is split into three sections which will cover an overview of the plan, working on skills related to the competency, and finally areas to work on towards developing values and attitudes needed to be an effective addictions counselor within an Indigenous community.

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