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Iowa SUD Treatment, Policy, Research, and Resources

Your Life Iowa
Iowa Department of Public Health

Provides a centralized hub for resources and information on alcohol, drugs, gambling, and suicide in Iowa. Specialized links are available to connect readers to basic information, fact sheets, warning signs, hotlines, and specialized providers for each issue.


Substance Use Disorder Resources
Iowa Department of Public Health

Provides links for state and Federal resources, brochures and fact sheets, prevention and treatment resources.  Access to data to inform policy and programming, fact sheets on prevalence of SUD, and links to sites for other key stakeholders in the state are all accessible here.


Iowa Consortium for Substance Abuse Research and Evaluation
Iowa Consortium for Substance Abuse Research

The Consortium conducts research throughout the state of Iowa to evaluate program outcomes, collect data on prevalence of SUDs, and to provide insight and evidence to decision-makers on SUD-related policies. State- and county-level reports, in addition to intervention evaluation findings are all available here for a variety of populations experiencing SUD.


Iowa Uniform Application FY 2020/2021 - State Behavioral Health Assessment and Plan, Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant 
Iowa Centers for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment

State-level needs assessment submitted for SAMHSA Block Grant. Contains state-level data on SUD prevalence, treatment need and outcomes, and identification of critical needs/gaps in the SUD service system.


Five-Year Substance Abuse Prevention Strategic Plan for the State of Iowa
Iowa Department of Public Health

Describes the state's 5-year (2018-2022) plan for preventing and treating SUD based on the key issues and critical gaps identified in the needs assessment.


Iowa Gambling Treatment Program
Iowa Department of Public Health

The Iowa Gambling Treatment Program (IGTP) aims to reduce the harm caused by problem gambling through a variety of services.  The resources available on this site include hotline numbers, links to recovery support services, and fact sheets on gambling behavior prevalence and treatment.


Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy
Iowa Governor's Office

This site includes links to initiatives on drug free workplaces; information on specific substances; current grants and programs related to substance use and substance control/enforcement in Iowa; and publications, such as Iowa's Drug Control Strategy, legislative updates, national reports, and state trends. The Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy is responsible for coordination and facilitating collaboration among numerous agencies and stakeholders within Iowa.