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Motivational Interviewing Prompt and Reminder Posters

Recent research on implementation science highlights the importance of understanding the practical strategies that support uptake of new practices and adoption of evidence-based practices (EBP) by clinicians. For example, placing reminders or prompts in the practice setting where the clinician can easily see them provides timely cues that reinforce use of the EBPs. [see Cullen & Adams, 2012; Leathers, 2016; Sholomskas et al., 2005]. With this in mind, the MPATTC worked with a Motivational Interviewing (MI) expert/researcher to create posters that serve as a reminder/prompt about four important tenets of MI and reinforce use of this EBP by clinicians. These posters can be downloaded in multiple formats directly from the MPATTC website and include a QR code that can be scanned to access additional MI resources, products, and training found within the ATTC Network. It is recommended to display these posters together, however they can be used individually as well.

Please note: to maximize the impact of these products, display the 11x17 posters in a location most visible and accessible to clinicians.


To Download: 

The MI Prompt/Reminder Posters were designed for display as 11x17 sized posters. However, we have also created 8.5x11 desk copies for in-house printing. These packages can be downloaded and printed by clicking Download Button above and selecting either the 11x17 MI Prompt/Reminder Poster Print Package or 8.5x11 MI Prompt and Reminder Desk Copy.


In addition to the poster packages, you can download the MI Prompt/Reminder Poster Description which includes the intent and how to use these posters.


mi posters

Instructions on How to Print PDF Files 


Download Adobe Acrobat Reader



To request 11x17 MI Prompt/Reminder Posters to be mailed directly to you,
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The MPATTC is available to answer questions and interested in any feedback you have regarding the posters.
Please contact us anytime!