You are visiting us from Virginia. You are located in HHS Region 3. Your Center is Central East ATTC.

Central East Behavioral Health Training and TA Centers - Meet the Teams

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The Danya Institute continues its collaborative efforts to develop and strengthen the specialized behavioral health and primary healthcare workforce to provide evidence-based and promising practices in the treatment and prevention of mental health and substance use disorders.

The Danya Institute manages SAMHSA-funded Region 3 Technology Transfer Centers:

Each center's director will provide an overview of their missions and goals.

The TTCs are committed to helping the workforce achieve meaningful and lasting changes in policies, programs, and practices that will enhance services and improve outcomes for individuals and their families who have, or are at risk of developing, a behavioral health condition.

In part, this is accomplished by providing no cost, individualized, locally-driven training and technical assistance (T/TA) to enhance the delivery of behavioral health prevention, treatment and recovery support services.

  • Orient attendees to the technology transfer model
  • Inform attendees of T/TA opportunities
  • Educate attendees of the process to request T/TA
  • Inform attendees of joining an Advisory Boards
  • Provide a Q/A forum to answer questions regarding your T/TA needs

This webinar was made in collaboration between the Central East ATTC, the Central East MHTTC, and the Central East PTTC