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CLAS Standards in Behavioral Health: Venus vs. Mars in Healthcare: Impacts on Women's Health Outcomes

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The National CLAS Standards are intended to advance health equity, improve quality, and help eliminate health care disparities. This webinar will discuss how health care organizations need to ensure that awareness, adoption, and implementation of the National CLAS Standards are incorporated to have a more inclusive definition of culture in order to better serve women.

(Note: this webinar was a joint effort between the Central East ATTC and the Central East MHTTC.)


  • Highlights enhanced CLAS Standards that contribute to positive health outcomes for women in the United States
  • Increased awareness of the health and wellness of women of all ages
  • Impacts of health equity and the range of specialty health areas for women’s behavioral health
  • Perspectives on the importance of women’s health
  • Insights into how providers can best address differing women’s health needs from men’s



Jacqueline Coleman photo Jacqueline Coleman


 Certified Professional Coach



Phronie Jackson photoPhronie Jackson


Founder of WALK


June 21, 2019
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