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Exploring the Frontier: Virtual Reality as a Tool in Treating Substance Use Disorders

Clingan webinar

Virtual reality (VR) is an immersive technology that creates a simulated experience. Unlike traditional media, such as television or computer screens, VR offers a three-dimensional (3D) experience. One of the remarkable aspects of VR is Social VR, which allows individuals to interact with each other in 3D virtual spaces in real-time. This interaction is facilitated through the use of 360-degree immersive content and head-mounted displays, providing a sense of presence and realism in virtual interactions.

In this session, Sarah E. Clingan, Ph.D., Associate Project Scientist at UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs, delves into the current state of VR technology, particularly focusing on its application in treating substance use disorders. The presentation explores how VR can be utilized in therapeutic settings, offering insights into both the proven benefits and potential applications of VR that have yet to be fully explored or tested. This exploration includes examining how VR can simulate various environments and scenarios, which could be instrumental in developing new treatment strategies for substance use disorders.

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January 24, 2024
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