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Starting the Conversation - Substance Use Disorders and Intimate Partner Violence: Panel Discussion on Substance Use, Intimate Partner Violence, and Substance Use Coercion

Webinar series hosted in partnership with the Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) Network Coordinating Office, Mountain Plains ATTC, and the National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental Health (NCDVTMH). This first webinar features an interactive panel discussion to begin the conversation and provide resources to address both substance use disorder and intimate partner violence.


Intimate partner violence (IPV) can have significant effects on one’s health, including increased risk for substance use concerns. In addition to using substances in order to cope with experiences of violence, survivors may also be coerced to use substances, face increased violence if they do not use substances, and have their attempts to engage treatment and recovery sabotaged by a partner or ex-partner – all tactics of substance use coercion. Many substance use specialists and domestic violence advocates feel unprepared to help survivors address concerns related to substance use and substance use coercion.

Watch the Webinar: