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Perinatal Stigma Prompt and Reminder Posters

Stigma associated with substance use disorders (SUDs) is a significant barrier to identification and treatment efforts. Persons with SUDs who are pregnant and/or parenting are particularly impacted by stigma and may be subject to adverse encounters when seeking healthcare services. The MPATTC developed clinician-focused and client-focused posters to help address barriers associated with perinatal stigma. It is recommended the posters be displayed in locations visible to both clients and clinicians.

The third poster in the series, "We've talked a lot... Now do you have questions?", is aimed at helping address stigma-related barriers by incorporating a tear-off sheet that clients can use to request more information from their clinician/provider on questions they might have (i.e., "I would like to know how alcohol and drugs may affect a baby during pregnancy" and "I would like to know which alcohol and drugs should be avoided during breastfeeding").


Please note: to maximize the impact of these products, display the 11x17 posters in a location most visible and accessible to clinicians.


To Download: 

The Perinatal Stigma Prompt/Reminder Posters were designed for display as 11x17 sized posters. However, we have also created 8.5x11 desk copies for in-house printing. These packages can be downloaded and printed by clicking Download Button above and selecting either the Perinatal Stigma Posters Package 11x17 or Perinatal Stigma Posters Package 8.5x11.


In addition to the poster packages, you can download the “Perinatal Stigma Poster Description” which includes the intent and how to use these posters.


To request 11x17 MI Prompt/Reminder Posters to be mailed directly to you,
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The MPATTC is available to answer questions and interested in any feedback you have regarding the posters.
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