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Telehealth MOUD Video Demonstrations
Collaborating TTC: Southeast ATTC, ATTC Network Coordinating Office
August 12, 2021

These Telehealth MOUD Video Demonstrations show distinct clinical interactions common across the medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) modality. Except for the first two videos listed (Buprenorphine Induction and Re-induction to Buprenorphine), which show the same mock patient at two stages along his treatment trajectory, the videos in this collection are independent depictions showcasing different settings, patient situations, and provider types. The common thread for these videos is that each patient portrayed has an opioid use disorder and is considering or engaged in medication treatment.

This set of videos may be useful for individuals entering the MOUD workforce or for MOUD patients and family members curious about what happens at various points in treatment. 

Produced by the Northwest ATTC (SAMHSA grant no. TI080201), in co-sponsorship with Southeast ATTC (SAMHSA grant no. TI080215) and the ATTC Network Coordinating Office (SAMHSA grant no. TI080205). We thank the clinicians involved for their conceptual contributions to the development of these characters and the clinical scenario.