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Creating An Equitable Recovery Environment For Clients of Color (webinar)

Jovan Hollins, MBA

Presenter: Jovan Hollins, MBA, D/E/I Consultant
March 2022

Pillars of Connection is a team built to connect all of us to our humanity. PoC specializes in leadership perspectives, and helping organizations and career professionals develop skills and tools to connect with each other for the greater good of humanity. This will happen by looking internally, serving externally, celebrating our differences, and creating a sense of belonging. In this session, we will connect on the importance of understanding self-awareness, getting knowledge of those whom you serve, developing skills to build trust and engage, as well as finding ways to take action or advocate for change. Awareness, Knowledge, Skills, Action/Advocacy are the pillars in which we create the frameworks for deeper connections, and fighting systems of oppression. Our desire to serve our clients equitably and identify opportunities for more diverse teams will be a support to overall success. 

About the speaker: 

Mr. Hollins is the Chair of Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, helping his organization develop processes and strategic plans to align D/E/I mission and vision to the organizations overarching strategic plan. Before starting a D/E/I development consulting firm, Jovan worked 2 years as a Vice President of Operations for the largest privately held Home Health Organization. Before joining corporate America, Jovan was an Air Force Academy graduate and officer in the United States Air Force. Upon a successful start to his career in the Air Force and aerospace engineering, Jovan began facilitating courageous conversations on race equity.  After attending Northwestern University‚Äôs Kellogg School of Management for his MBA, Jovan has found ways to add value as a transformational leader in both D/E/I, and as an executive operational specialist.

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Webinar categories: Specific populations, Workforce development