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Resilience and Wellness (webinar)

Ann Marie Roepke

Presenter: Ann Marie Roepke, PhD
December 2020

These are strange and frightening times. The global outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted daily life in profound ways. An economic recession, political strife, and the toxic impacts of racism weigh heavily on many. And those of us who work in the “helping professions” have the honor and the burden of caring for others in the midst of all these challenges. More than ever, we need the skills and the relationships that help us to be resilient: to make it through hard times with the least suffering and the greatest well-being possible. In this webinar, we will explore strategies for building up our resilience as we manage the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and associated challenges. Topics we will cover include reconnecting with values, meaning, and purpose; finding self-compassion during tough times; and maintaining motivation to take care of ourselves in the ways that work for us.

Please note: This webinar is offered for educational and informational purposes only, and it not intended as a healthcare service, medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or establishment of a doctor/patient relationship.

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Webinar category: Workforce support